Peace Pagoda
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This pagoda was established to extol the goodness of Buddha, and to pray that all people throughout the world may return to the wonderful Dharma of Lotus Sutra and world peace may be realized. The 55-meter Peace Pagoda, soaring into the skies of Nagoya, keeps watch over human happiness.


Reliquary Hall

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This sacred treasure house enshrines holy relics of Shakyamuni Buddha. Its inscription, which says that the Hall was built "for the promotion of world peace and happiness," is signed by such persons as the Prime Minister of India, the King of Nepal and the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.


Inscription in Reliquary Hall


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Daijokyo received the sacred holy relics of the Lord Buddha  from the Government of India in the year 1973.

Founder's Hall

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This Hall enshrines a statue of the Most Rev. Tatsuko Sugiyama, the founder of Daijokyo and a great leader in mappo(the period of the last law or saddarma-vipralopa).  The Hall, with its large seating capacity, is used for large-scale events and ceremonies.